Rankings for individuals and teams are determined by accumulating wins in your bracket.

TGC Qualifier System

How does that Qualifier System work? Each city will have several qualifier tournaments in 2017 which is open to everyone. Winners of these events will “qualify” for our Invitational tournament at the end of the year. You must win your bracket in a qualifier to be eligible for the invitational.

Winners of the following divisions in each weight, gender, and age category will be eligible for the invitational:

(Note: For kids gi divisions, any belt color higher than white belt may attempt to compete in expert to win the qualifier; yellow, orange, green, etc)

Kids Gi Advanced/Expert
Kids No Gi Advanced/Expert
Teen Gi Advanced/Expert
Teen No Gi Advanced/Expert
Adult No Gi Expert
Adult Gi Blue Belt
Adult Gi Purple Belt
Adult Gi Brown / Black Belt

The Invitational bracket will be an event at the end of the year and we will crown a State Champ for that year. You only need to win one qualifier to be eligible for the State Championship. Entry fee for the State Championship Invitational Bracket is $50 per division.

TGC Point System