TGC Utilizes the IBJJF Rules and Points format for all Kids, Teens, and Adult Gi and No Gi Divisions.

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TGC Utilizes the EBI Rules Format for all No Gi Submission Only Divisions with 1 Overtime Round

Kids 12 and under No GI Submission Only

No Leg Submissions Allowed
4 minute matches single elimination. No Points

Teen No GI Submission Only

Leg Submissions Allowed. Reaping leg position is not allowed
No Heel Hooks or Neck Cranks
8 minute matches single elimination. No Points

Adult No Gi Submission Only

10 minute matches single elimination . All submissions are allowed. No Points


TGC uses the IBJJF point system  for both GI and NO GI divisions

Take Down : 2 points
Guard Pass : 3 points
Knee On Belly : 2 points
Mount: 4 points
Back Control: 4 points
Sweep: 2 points

Penalty: **  If an injury results from a foul it will be grounds for disqualification.** Advantages, points awarded to opponent, or DQ depending on violation are the discretion of the referee.

Advantage: (+1)

advantage points are only scored in the event of a tie

players may combine positions for multiple points , ex: sweep + mount = 6 points


Gi , No GI, and Absolute Rounds:
Ages 6 and under: 2 minutes
Ages 7-9: 3 minutes
Ages 10 -Teens: 4 minutes

White: 5 minutes
Blue: 6 Minutes
Purple: 7 Minutes
Brown: 8 Minutes
Black: 10 Minutes
Masters (all belts): 5 minutes

Submission Only Rounds:
Kids: 4 minutes  Teens: 8 minutes  Adults: 10 minutes


Athletes are permitted one coach and one relative in the competition mat area during their match. Coaches and parents are not allowed to talk or shout to/at the referee. Doing so will result in disqualification of the athlete and possible expulsion from the event. Only the competing athlete is allowed inside the designated competition area


TGC strives to provide a positive competition experience for all athletes. We insist that all participants, coaches, parents, and spectators conduct themselves with a high degree of professionalism and respect towards everyone in attendance at our events. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and/or expulsion from the event.


No groin protectors allowed (The protectors increase the chance of elbow injuries with arm locks)
No wrestling shoes allowed
No jewelry of any kind
Ear protection is permitted

No Gi competitors must wear board shorts or spats with no pockets or zippers and a form fitting t-shirt or rash guard. No baggy shirts or shorts.

Gi competitors must wear a clean, fitted BJJ uniform with full sleeves and belt.  Rash guard are allowed underneath the uniform

All competitors must have short fingernails and toenails. Long hair must be styled as to not become obstructive during the match


All Divisions:

Takedowns: Any throw, takedown, lift or trip which caused the opponent to land on their head and neck first.
No slamming from the guard
German suplex aka belly to back suplex
belly to belly suplex
any slam in which someone is lifted and released with unnecessary force with intent to cause injury.

** note: throws in which the attacker maintains control of the opponents body and lands with the opponents side or back on the mat are allowed, however penalty or disqualification for unnecessary force are at the discretion of the referee

scissor take down

jumping or “pouncing” forward while trapped inside the guard

“Bear Crawl ” style passes: crawling forward on the hands inside the guard to force the opponent to roll or for the opponents torso to move forward over the head and neck.

“Boston Crab” style passes or “Boston Crab”: when passing guard stepping over the torso to force the opponents belly to the mat or apply backward pressure to the spine.
(exception) when top player is defending a submission (ex: triangle) they may step over to escape the hold however they may not apply backward pressure to the spine.

groin attacks
head butts
hair pulling
touching the front of the face with hands or feet
finger/toe manipulation
crushing or squeezing the windpipe with an open hand are not allowed in any divisions.

Use of illegal techniques may result in penalty or disqualification at the discretion of the referee.